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Villas: Our exclusive properties for sale provide an opportunity for those who want a unique concept in luxury. We like to think of Mykonos Real Estate and villas for sale as the ultimate escape hatch.

Apartments: Are you looking for an apartment in Mykonos? Buying an apartment in Mykonos is a wise choice for anyone seeking a home in a famous island and a potential income steam.

Land: Buying land in Mykonos allows you to create your dream property in a blank canvas.

Villas For Rent in Mykonos

Whether they are Cycladic or contemporary in style many of the villas have unique interior design or infinity pools with views that simply take your breath away. See all of our Villas for Rent.

Have a nice time with your kids in the pool, enjoy leisurely meals and explore our grand estates and their surroundings. View all Family Villas

Make a splash in the beach. Enjoy the sun and the sand while gazing at gorgeous water views. View villas close to the beach.

You can organize any events you like. Throw a party on a luxury villa and invite your guests! View villas great for events.

Villas touching the sea water! View all Seaside Villas

Are you an owner?

Mykonos real estate services - Mykonos Real Estate Agency

Do you wish to rent out your villa or to sell it? Click here to let your villa, or click here to sell your villa, or find out more about the 360° service, the ultimate Real Estate service that we have developed.


Our concierge service will take care of your arrival: we arrange not only your welcome at the airport but also your checkin at the villa. If you have any special requests, you can always call our concierges. Thanks to well established partnerships with local colleagues, we provide an excellent concierge service before and during your stay in Mykonos. Contact us for a tailor made concierge experience.


We have ultimate knowledge of the Mykonos island and Mykonos Real Estate. In addition we respect the Mykonian traditions and customs and we identify with the culture and we foster a strong relationship with the local community. We have created a total seamless integrated construction package which will ensure that the experience from the beginning to the end will bring the result you are seeking.

Villa management

We manage properties of all sizes although our portfolio mostly includes the luxury end of the market. With a proven track record and portfolio existing since 2004, we are justifiably proud of our established level of exemplary service and reliability. You can rest assured that your villa will be maintained according to the highest standards.

Water & Yachting, Air & Aviation

Private jets and business aviation is our passion. Ideal Mykonos Aviation Department offers Private Jet or Private Helicopter flights. We support one way or round trip bookings. Our Aviation sales team will assist you in case you want to sell or buy a private jet. Our legal and tax department will provide tailored consultancy to ensure the best deal for you. Aircraft maintenance, private jet management and other aviation services are also available.

Our dedicated Yachting Department provides crewed yacht charters and luxury tours in the Mediterranean. Our yacht sales team will assist you in case you need to sell or buy a private yacht. If you wish for some water sports activities, our yachting department will take care of your request. We also provide yacht management and maintenance services.


Ideal Mykonos Real Estate | Media Promo Reel (HD)

We offer media services for property owners and buyers. We create professional videos, we use aerial photography and we design unique websites for your villa or your property. Complete property marketing packages are available.

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