Mykonos Concierge Services

“We have spend years exploring every corner of the island, from hidden culinary treats, to outdoor adventure, exclusive parties and luxury beaches. It would be our pleasure to share this knowledge with you. Our Mykonos Concierge Department will take care of your visit from arrival to the airport until your departure. If you have any special requests, you can always call us!”


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Beauty & Spa

Spoil yourself at our spa and salon. Offering : Manicure & Pedicure , oriental massage, Yoga, Pilates or extra ordinary aromatherapy. All services are available at your villa, yacht or private jet. A private trainer can also take care of your personal fitness program.

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Beauty & Spa Concierge Services in Mykonos

Private Chef

Gourmet meals at your villa and private yacht cooked by your private elite chef. The chef and his team are available for you to take with you on your journey.

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Private Chef - Mykonos Concierge services

Shopping Services

Do you miss that old scotch you used to enjoy after your dinner, or want that delicious “Almas” from the Iranian Beluga fish? Or do you just need shopping instructions around Mykonos and someone to carry your shopping bags for your daily shopping spree? Anyway we’ve got you covered.

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Shopping In Mykonos - Concierge Services

Events & Reservations

Let us organize your dream wedding or special events for a memorable night. We take care of all the necessary arrangements and we provide qualified staff for your event. We can also arrange any reservations in exclusive night clubs and high end restaurants.

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Organize Events - Reservations in Mykonos | Concierge Services


Our Mykonos Concierge Department offers Catering services for those who wish to celebrate a special occasion or event like a wedding or a special Gala. Fully themed dinners are available upon request including flavors from all over the world.

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Catering in Mykonos Concierge Services

Car Rentals

Relax on the road with a car from Ideal Mykonos. We offer luxury rental cars and quality vehicles. Pick one car from our wide selection of premium vehicles and drive fast and safe. Make a car reservation online now!

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Car Rentals in Mykonos - Mykonos Concierge services

Butler & Chauffeur Services

If you are worried about the housekeeping care of your villa, an experienced butler is there to take care of your large household. The butler as a genuine senior servant will be in charge of the dining rooms, your wine cellar, and the pantry. Full time Private chauffeurs are available for personal and rental vehicles.

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Butler and chauffeur in Mykonos - Mykonos Concierge services

Executive Protection & Safety

We guarantee the safety of you and your guests. Our safety insurance measures include security systems, skilled bodyguards, armored vehicles, transactions monitoring, and background checks for any members of your staff. Contact us now and submit your request.

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Executive Protection Safety Security Bodyguards. Mykonos Concierge services.

Personal Assistant

We offer personal assistant services to help you with your business and organize your schedule. Hand off your time consuming daily tasks to us and focus on your vacation or your business. We can match you with the right person who has the appropriate skills and experience.

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Personal Assistant in Mykonos. Concierge services in Mykonos.

Sports & Activities

You don’t want to miss your sports activities on your vacations so neither do we. We offer boxing, karate lessons, horseback riding, golf training, tennis courses and other services. For all available water sports please click here.

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Sports and Activities Mykonos - Concierge services

Maid Services

Either you book a private villa or an apartment we provide hotel level maid services during your vacations. Our trustworthy and experienced staff will take care everything. Please rest assured and feel comfortable during your stay.

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Maid Services in Mykonos concierge services

Child Care & Babysitting

Enjoy your night life or focus on your business meeting without worrying about your children. We provide babysitting services while you are away. Let us worry about your child’s karate lessons or their daily activities while you are busy with your schedule.

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Babysitter in Mykonos. Children Care Services - Mykonos Concierge

Ideal Mykonos Lobby

For those who need to enjoy unlimited access to VIP clubs, private parties and elite places we have created the Ideal Mykonos Lobby. Topmost priority, open doors, luxury and unique experience are all guaranteed.

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Mykonos VIP Private Club, Elite Club, Easy access