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Private jets and business aviation is our passion

Private Jet & Helicopter flights

Private jets and business aviation is our passion. Whether you want to travel around the Aegean islands for pleasure, or you want to be on time at your business meeting anywhere in the world, we can provide the safest, fastest and most comfortable way for you to fly. Mykonos Aviation is our expertise. We support one way or round trip either for private helicopter or private jet flights.

Furthermore we take care of the reservations, on time business class registrations, arrival arrangements as well as your personal insurance. We also can carefully select the experienced pilot and the private jet or helicopter based on your needs.

Don’t waste your time, choose the aircraft type, check estimate prices and even charter a private jet now. Furthermore take a look at our helicopters and charter a helicopter. Fly around the Aegean sea or even connect a helicopter with your international flight. Finally feel free to experience a private jet flight with Ideal Mykonos!

Book a private jet or private helicopter in Mykonos

Book a private jet or private helicopter in Mykonos here!

Mykonos Aviation Sales

Mykonos Aviation Services, Buy a private jet or private helicopter

We can fully assist you in the process of buying a private jet.

There are special reasons for which you need to buy your own private jet. Once you have decided to take this step we can help you decide what’s best for you. Our trusted aviation consultants can assist you in the licenses registration, aircraft risk management and private jet maintenance. Our legal and tax department will provide tailored consultancy to ensure the best deal for you. Specifically we provide services such as:

  • Aircraft registration
  • License registration
  • Aircraft risk management
  • Private jet maintenance
  • Private jet management
  • Budget operation
  • Legal advice
  • Tax advice
  • Tailored consultancy
  • Staff recommendations

Aviation management

Does your own jet need any maintenance or do you need an extra flying pilot? Our aviation specialists can provide certified crew for your plane. We can provide aircraft operation and management, flight assistants and aviation consultants while we take of your shoulders the overhead to manage your own staff and equipment.

Last minute VIP air transport

Have you forgotten to book a ticket for an international flight or did you just find out that you have to be miles away in a couple of hours? We partner with experienced professionals who can assist you in a few minutes.

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