On board services

As soon as you charter a private jet, we ensure to fulfill every single of your preflight requests. Therefore you choose the catering and any entertainment on board services. Moreover fully equipped bedrooms and bathrooms are available. Enjoy the movie of your choice on a large flat screen or have a sleep on a comfortable bed. In case you need it there is a satellite phone and high speed internet access. So rest assured and enjoy your private jet flight!

Private Flight Safety

Ideal Mykonos is committed to the highest levels of safety on private aviation. All private jet and private helicopter operators, as well as the rest of the staff are accredited with certified licenses. Moreover the flying fleet consists of high technology private jets and helicopters. Of course all of them comply with the latest worldwide safety standards.

Fly on time using a reliable service

We let you choose the flight schedule and the same time we provide alternative routes based on your needs. Above all, private aviation allows you to fly on your own terms and schedule. Consequently it allows you to choose smaller airports closer to your destination. Have in mind that we take over to ensure any reservations and ground services as soon as you land. Additionally a private chauffeur will pick you up and drive you at your destination.

Daily tours at famous destinations

Ideal Mykonos offers private jet or private helicopter day tours from Mykonos, to some of the most famous Greek island destinations. So fly instantly from Mykonos airport and enjoy a short getaway at Santorini, Skiathos, Paros, Rhodes and more islands. In the meantime, your personal guide will assist you on your tour.


Experience a private jet flight

Experience Private Jet Flight in Mykonos, Greece and anywhere in the world.

Charter a private jet in Mykonos.

We support flights from any departure point to any destination by cooperating with multiple operators around the world. For flights to or from Mykonos we have dedicated aircrafts available. Please contact our aviation department for more details.

A unique view from a private jet in Mykonos.