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Plot for Sale at Elia in Mykonos, Greece – 12000 m2

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Plot for Sale at Elia in Mykonos, Greece – 12000 m2

It is a complex of 12 houses (each from 100m2 to 150m2) located in Elia, Mykonos. It is possible to unite two houses turning them into one larger house in case a client wants it and we also have detailed floor plan drawings showing this solution. Specifically, Houses 1 & 2 and Houses 3 & 4 of Plot n. 2 can be unified into two villas. Each house has its own swimming pool, outdoor area and 2 parking spaces.

There is also a communal amphitheatre (for events like mini concerts, parties etc.) whose centre is a helipad. There are also paths within the complex that enable the access to all house entrances by car for food supply reasons and to all residents from one house to another. The complex is built on a 12.000m2 plot and is developed on a hillside with panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. Essentially, the complex is developed on 3 continuous plots (over 4.000m2 each) with 4 houses on each plot.

The view is oriented towards Paros and Naxos islands having the problematic north wind behind the houses. This is a huge advantage since all terraces and all living spaces are protected from the wind. At this moment, all concrete works are completed (house structure, swimming pools, retaining walls, septic tanks, water tanks) and 100% complete exterior formations of stone.

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