Real Estate Services in Arachova, Parnassos, Greece

Ideal Parnassos, Real Estate in Arachova

Pantelion Real Estate Group is based on high standards, and currently is active at the high-end real estate market in Mykonos (Ideal Mykonos) and the wider area of Parnassos (Ideal Parnassos). Ideal Parnassos as a genuine member of Pantelion Real Estate Group includes in its portfolio luxurious homes. The properties can be either for rent or for sale.

Ideal Parnassos Krios Villa - Villas for rent and sale at arachova

Ideal Parnassos – Villa Krios.

Ideal Parnassos covers the whole 360˚ Real Estate Service for the area of Arachova and the wider area of Parnassus. Moreover it offers land investment, property management and construction services in a consultative level to its customers. The company guarantees high quality throughout the whole investment. In addition, there is also an after sales service and the opportunity to resell with a higher return. The rental process is a chapter on its own since the company sets great store by personal referrals, so that trust can be built between the owner and the tenant, thus avoiding any problems that are quite common in such cases.


Concierge and specialized services are also available upon request for the demanding clientele in the area of Parnassos. Visit the company website and browse through the unique portfolio and services here.